NovelGlass I Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper

APPLICATION: • Reinforces the surface of the walls, ceilings and gives them mechanical durability. • Masking of fissures on ceilings and walls at repair and construction of buildings. • Facing of gypsum plates. • Finishing works of surfaces.
PROPERTIES: • Environmentally free material. • Has good reinforcing properties. • High durability and stability when damp. • When painted with high-quality paints needs little care, could be washed. • Could be re-painted repeatedly.

Non-woven wallpaper FP-130 with the delivery
Non-woven wallpaper FP-75 with the delivery
Non-woven wallpaper FP-60 with the delivery
Non-woven wallpaper SF-7 with the delivery
Non-woven wallpaper SF-6 with the delivery
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